Monday, December 3, 2012

Year 8 Camp 2012

It’s the time of the year when the year 8 students at Pt England have to prepare themselves and pack for the last camp of the year.
There are now only 24 hours before we head down to Camp Ngaruawahia in Waikato

I have checked the weather forecast for Hamilton and it looks like there is going to be rain for most of the days that we are down there.

I am really excited but at the same time not. I say this because I am going to be excited because i’ll be with with all my friends, but then I am not excited because  I’ll be away for home. It is only three days but it is long to me. I will miss my family the most.

I really hope that the weather forecast is wrong, because I really want to go on a camp that is sunny and not raining and HOPEFULLY it would be a camp to remember.  :)

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Friday, November 30, 2012

Transition Day At Tamaki College

It was the time of the year when the year 8 students had to decide on what school they are going to. Well yesterday the year 8 students at Pt england school got the privilege to go over to Tamaki College to see how it feels to be in college.

On my own opinion, college is really different from primary and intermediate! I say this because it’s not like intermediate where we get put into one class for the whole year , in College, we move around, so we actually don't have our own class to leave our bags .

It was really cool yesterday, because we got to go to the Music class where Mr Telefoni  taught, Science, where we meet Mrs Smallwood, and our last class English. I found all the classes interesting but to be honest, the best class out of the three was music. Music was the best because we got to make our own rap and beats! Science was not that bad because we made Hokey Pokey and got to see who could make their helicopter go the furthest. Surprisingly , I found english the most not cool. It was cool , but not as cool as Music. In English we had to make a poem about our favourite animal. I picked the TIGER!!
Being at Tamaki College was awesome because I felt like I was treated like special guest. The prefects that took us were kind and actually looked after us. Ever since that day, I have been looking forward to next year!
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Friday, November 23, 2012


This week, I have been studying the country Australia! I have learnt so many things that I did not know about before and so that is why I made this presentation, To show you how amazingly awesome Australia is.
Hope you enjoy!

To find out more about Australia click on this link below.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012


This week, I have been reading about homelessness. On my own opinion, I think that nobody deserves to be left out on the streets with none of the resources needed to live like water, food, shelter etc.., and so do the students at Saint Andrews School Australia., teens and even old people on the roads with no money, or no home.
These students from St Andrew's School are helping Anglicare get ready for their annual Christmas appeal and some of the things they're sending off will go to  kids , teens and even old people on the roads with no money, or no home.

I think that St Andrews school is making the right choices by helping the homeless because everyone here has the right to live a normal and happy life.

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Friday, November 16, 2012

Swimming Theory

Two days ago, Room 19 headed over to the netball courts where the nice warm pool waited for us. Unfortunately I did not swim because I forgot my togs, BUT we did learn about swimming, and what are the right things to do when you are in danger. Do you know what the “HUDDLE” is ??  Well the huddle is what you need to do to keep warm. To do the huddle you have to cross your hands over your chest and stay like that untill help comes.. You will soon start to feel warm.
The other thing that I have learnt while doing this activity is the “HELP”. The help is what you need to do when your in a group and want to get warm. Make a small circle with the smallest in the middle and hug each other really tight.

I found this really interesting because I never knew about these. I hope that one day when we are in danger, I can remember these two things, “The huddle and the Help”. I hope you learnt something from here as I have myself.

Thanks to Stevie for checking my work.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Manaiakalani Film Festival

Yesterday afternoon was when the seniors at Pt England school headed over to the Sylvia Park cinemas to watch the manaiakalani film festival. It was a privilege going and watching different movies that other schools in the Manaiakalani had made. Room 19 ourselves had made our own movie which was From The Inside.   

We travelled by bus to and from Sylvia pak, then had to walk to the cinemas inside the mall. The Sylvia Park Cinemas that we went to , had one of the biggest screens in the world. So it was quite big if you think about it.

As soon as we got off the bus we had to line up into our class lines, making sure that everyone was there. When everyone was settled we walked into the mall and straight down to the cinemas. When we got there it was dark. We walked in and there were other kids from different schools like Tamaki college, Tamaki Primary, St Pius X etc...

Our senior block took up nearly half of the seats but luckily there were plenty. We sat on the far side of the cinemas which sounds uncomfortable  , but it really didn’t matter where we sat because the screen was massive and we could see it from any angle. When everyone was settled the first clip came on, which was the “introducing film” for all the students who had come and watched the manaiakalani film festival. After the introducing and welcoming film had came on and was presented by a girl named Angelica, the lights went low and the presenters from other schools came on to present their movie.

It was really cool watching other classes movies. I found Tamaki colleges movie (One Direction ) and Pt England’s movie ( Silent Treatment) from room 19 was the best.

At the end of the day we watched about 10-15 movies!! It was awesome!!

Thanks to Stevie Adams for checking my work.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Last Summer

What a nice sunny day it was, playing outside and watching uncle Koro doing his garden. I stood there and watched what he was doing because I wanted to be a great gardener like him. He called me over , I went to him and he showed me how to plant. I found it really interesting! He told me things about gardening like , when we have to water it and what is the process of making a plant grow,

Uncle Koro was my grandpa , but I prefer calling him uncle. I see my uncle Koro as my own father because we do everything together. He teaches me things and I teach him things that he doesn’t know.

After spending  like half an hour outside on the garden, my stomach started to rumble so went inside for a snack.
We ate some cookies with milk. It was yummy!! With our tummies full from all the cookies, we laid on the ground and digest! About 5-10 minutes later, we got up and uncle Koro said to me “ Come on kiddo, we got some plants to grow”. I was jumping with excitement because i couldn’t wait to see more. I could never get sick of uncle Koro’s teaching.

Thanks to Emilee Pange for checking my work!